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Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, 14 May 2012

Congratulations Man City

Well Manchester City certainly left us with nails bitten down to the quick yesterday didn't they, we were all a bit down in the dumps at John's until the very very last minute!

After the match it was up to the bathroom and more tension whilst John and I ballasted the boat, it was as I suspected the furniture cassette was too top heavy!, I will have to be content with taking the boat to the lake complete and when sailing leave the cassette on the bench, still as my old mate Charlie used to say you can't see it once its 30 ft out on the water.

As soon as we dispensed with the cassette it was all systems go, and it took more lead that I'd taken to bring the level down to the water line, John as always got some more handy from previous jobs so it was more cutting and glueing in. The boat is very well balanced now and I will have to tether the superstructure on as its not a very tight fit, some thought needed there!
There have been a few more bitz and piecez added yesterday ie

Watering cans and gang plank

control dials, those to the left of control box are fluid levels.

Fuel gauge and filler

Gardening equipment
I've changed the front well back to the original style as with the lockers I had put there before it would have stopped the doors opening, it looks cleaner now I think, the watering can is to lift the front floor up to get into the battery compartment.

So that's it just need to take a few strips of lead down to the lake when I take the boat to fine trim it.

Oh yes I've still got to fit the bumpers, got the items ready with chains attached to shackle to the front and rear.

That's all folks.

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  1. A keel weight, similar to Jeanie Deans, might have been more useful?
    As you can easily adjust the ballast at any time and the cassette would have been ok
    It's a bit late now though!