Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mooring weight

My wife expressed an interest in a mooring weight for tying her boats to when we are at other clubs without this facility and noticed that another member of our club had one , so it was on with the thinking cap and found this on a Narrow Boat site click here
At £20 and the thought of the postage, I gave it some more thought !

There is a store at Mumps bridge in Oldham that sells all sorts of weird and wonderful things from ex army surplus and  liquidated factory machinery and tools. My son called there in passing and they didn't let us down as they had these but they were £45 each!! and 25 lbs in weight so my lad went for a smaller one which I think will look better once its been cleaned up and painted with canal art work.

Isn't technology wonderful these days as he was able to take this picture with his "Blackberry" and send it to my PC to check before he bought it. 
So don't forget if you want anything weird and wonderful this is the place to go.
The store man said they once had a gigantic anchor and had plenty of interested callers but lost interest when they found out they had to get a large truck to move it , but it was sold in the end. 

I'll bet there is someone out there that's saying I've got one of those you could have had !!

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