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Welcome to my Blog.
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Monday, 5 October 2015

Sister's visit!.

Sister's visit!.

Sister Barbara's visit with her hubby Bryan went off nicely, 
After a trip to see Australia V Fiji at the millennium stadium in Cardiff where Australia won to add to their enjoyment, I met them at Stockport station on the Thursday and we had a nice meal in the evening at The Windmilll pub in Denton with Marjorie joining us.

On the Friday we had a trip to show them the new alterations at Man City's ground then a trip up to Son John's for the afternoon and a beautiful hot pot meal then a walk round the countryside of Springhead in Oldham.
After the meal the two boyfriends of my Granddaughters came and give us an impromptu song.
Rachel and Mum

Babs, Bryan and Ruthie

Jazz and Toby.

Saturday we were at the Lake (Etherow) and after a bit of lunch went to the Hide in the woods as Babs and Bryan have been keen Twitchers for years.

We were lucky enough to see a bank Vole

And all sorts of other birds Babs and Bryan were not used to seeing, their garden is full of parrots and stuff like that, Sickening isn't it!, we have pidgins and sparrows!. 

Along with King Tut, the Egyptian goose 

 And all his friends!.

Then Saturday Night it was a nice meal in The Stable Gate at Denton, one of my favourite places!

Sunday they were off to Bryan's relatives, enjoyed my time with them, even if it was a short visit.
 My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

Help keep the kitchen clean, Eat out!.

That's all folks.

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