Welcome to my new Blog

Welcome to my Blog.
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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Narrow Boat side panels

Back in October I started cutting out the windows of the superstructure, which went well ! Then I lined the inside of the windows with plasticard and the next plan was to polyweld a piece of plasticard to the front and cut through, But it was a bad plan and as you can see the result was terrible with thickness of frames all over the place

Scrapped plan "A"

I was at a loss what to do at this point so did the usual thing and went to something else whilst I thought about the problem and then it came to me, no there was no flash of light or anything!!

So it was on to plan "B" which was cut off all the front mess and start from the inserts.
The next plan was to polyweld strips of  5mm to the inserts (as double inserts) 

5mm inserts added

Then I added 3mm strips to the outside of the 5mm strips!

until I'd got the thickness I wanted

Thickness required

So width of frame uniform all round and just need to rub down to required thickness now

And there you are the finished frames,right width and thickness, why didn't I think of Plan "B" first, I suppose we would all like to have hindsight, what a different world it would be then. 

Hope this idea is of some help out there.

On to the inside walls now, which I intend to veneer with some mahogany which my mate Bob gave me, should look the Bee's knee's, I've got most of the inside inside my head now if you know what I mean so should be pressing on a bit quicker now. Watch this space!.

One mother-in-law to another !  I've never made a fool of my son-in- law. I always allow him the opportunity to develop his natural capacities.

Wonderful woman my mother-in-law, 75 years old and never uses glasses. Drinks straight from the bottle


  1. They look the Bee`s Knees!

    Me thinks.......Plan B had some model railway influence?

  2. No No honestly, He would have gone straight to Plan B though, not round the houses like I did.